As an area of the home that connects with the outdoors. This space is also an excellent place to store outdoor clothing for all weather’s, freeing up valuable space in other areas of the home or simply to provide a bench to perch when taking off boots.

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The utility room offers an abundance of space for storing detergents, laundry baskets, clothes airers and more, keeping everything neatly out of sight. A beautifully designed utility room is a functional and a stylish space that makes those everyday tasks a pleasure.

A boot room often bridges the gap between your kitchen and the great outdoors. It’s the perfect space for your muddy boots, coats, bags, hats and accessories. This versatile space offers busy families a designated area for things around the home that might not have a designated place. Boot rooms are prefect for dog baskets too. These items tend to clutter up our homes, but a boot room helps stow them away with style.